Balancing Childcare And Home With Work For The Working Women

It is not an exaggeration to consider that working women do indeed have two careers to look after. The one is the home and the other the working career. Unlike the men folk with careers, the women at home cannot be just passive participants but the king pin of the every activity associated with most homes. This factor is acute when there are young children to look after at homes. But this certainly has not prevented a lot of women from taking up active career positions in society and a lot of working mothers have gone on to success and fame in the chosen careers too.

The Traditional Households And The Kind Of Support The Mother Is Accorded

If there is something that must be stressed in the traditional home atmosphere, then it is that the women of the house are rarely seen to have any part in the decision making. This outlook extends further into the career women that practically get little support in taking up a career and most men in such a setting would not encourage the women to work as well.

But sometimes, the financial position of the household would be such that it makes it necessary for the mothers too, to seek work and this can be really harrowing for these unfortunate birds.

The Modern Approach To Home Keeping

This is a situation when the men is happy to help with any sort of chore around the home and the women do get both a moral as well as support in any activity that the household needs taken care of. There are of course some areas that even here the men folks do not come into but it really helps to know that the thought is present around their welfare than to consider the ladies as some sort of load bearing animal.

The term “modern approach”, is not quite right in use as this is a realization that the women too must have a voice and be able to express their ability as best as could be done. This sort of approach has been in existence right through the ages and it is only that the means of defining being modern did change with time and era. It could be said that being modern is in fact an inclusive approach and this has been happening since time immemorial.

The Children In The Household

The correct approach is never to consider the children and duties associated with child care the work of women alone. Proper bonding with both the parents is brought about by equal participation of the couples and this aspect has to move through the entire upbringing and not just a single element alone.

When the young minds get to see the change in approach right from the every young age, it goes without saying that they would carry forward the changes in attitudes in their lives as well. Thus entire cultures are formed in this manner.



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